Dungan religious mosque

During the tour in Kyrgyzstan guests travel along the sightseeing of the country of various meaning and today we want to talk of the importance knowing about the Dungan mosque, as the site of great religious meaning. You are able to rent a car and investigate the history right from the site of its being, at the territory of the mosque. It is one of the popular destinations of the guests coming to view it.

We are aware that in 1877 there were many people in flight trying to leave China for getting here. They had an aim to create the community here and they managed with then visiting of the architect Chjou Siy from China for helping them in the creation of the place where to stay. It was the needed decision. There were about 20 people creating the mosque, as they created it without metal and nails.

Your opportunity to take a car for rent is free and with the help of it there is a great possibility to get acquainted with the mosque, seeing it with your own eyes. The meaning of the colors of the building has a great significance, with red making the symbolization of protection from evil, yellow for wealth and green, what is more important for happiness.

In the times of the Soviet Union any religion, as well as in Kyrgyzstan, was not allowed. All of the religious sites were prohibited as well. This happened in the 20th century, but then there were the giving of money to the government. With this they made the allowance of religion being allowed for the mosque from the point of view of the government. That is why as you travel along Karakol, make a view of the Dungan mosque for sure. We assure to create the tour of great impressions.