China tours

China tours

Tour 1: Heavenly Sight
 8 days 
Places to visit: 
Beiging – Kashgar – Urumqi – Turpan – Xian – Beijing 
For more details about the tour please click here.

Heavenly Sight China tours

Tour 2: Terracota warriors Tour
Duration: 7 days
In short: Beijing – Xian – Dunhuang – Urumqui – Kashgar – Torugart 
For more details about the tour please click here.

Terracota warriors Tour China tours

Tour 3: From Kashgar to Beijing
Duration: 9 days
In short: Torugart – Kashgar – Utumqui – Turpan – Xian – Beijing 
For more details about the tour please click here.

From Kashgar to Beijing China tours


Ni hao,
Let me help you explore one of the most ancient but rapidly booming civilizations of the world, China! 

It goes without saying that China is a country with immense touristic potential and there are so many ways to explore it! But out of personal experience, we worked out tours that are relaxing and smooth and include the best parts of the country. 

Let’s explore tours in China now! 

China is the starting point of the Great Silk Road and being so it is unable not to attract millions of tourists annually. Despite of the country’s strict policy and almost mono-ethnic population, China is the world of intersection of many cultures and religions. These elements of difference and uniqueness of China will be discovered during your tours here. I will be glad to help you rent a car with a driver. 

There are many ways to get to China as international flights, trains, domestic flights, and of course car rentals with drivers. If you want to travel to China, it is recommended to arrange tours a lot earlier to avoid misunderstandings based on languages and culture. It is better to rent a car with a driver to see all places. 

China is an enormous country that can offer thousands of historical, cultural, and natural sites. In order to explore the whole country, one or several tours are not enough. But we will easily combine in your tour something characteristic and unique out of what this country offers us. 

China is where the Great Silk Road began its existence in the 2nd century BC. Thousands of caravans loaded with fine silk, spices, porcelain, metals, and wood set of their ways to the West. Their difficult road passed through valleys and deserts in western part of China, before entering into Central Asia and further. Their last points of rest were the cities of Urumqui and Kashgar which still remain as the trade centers nowadays. In our tours we offer you to explore these wonderful sites along with discovering other cities as Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai, and famous Great wall, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, the Temple of Heaven and many others. 

I happily announce you that with me your vacations in China will be the most memorable whether it’s a private tour with car rent with driver or a group tour with arranged services along the way. My passion is to fill your travel with happy moments that you will share with your beloved and remember for a long time. 

Leave all the worried of planning the trip to China to me, and simply enjoy discovering a new world!

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