Car rent in Tajikistan

Tajikistan Rent a car


If you want to travel in Tajikistan you have 2 options for car rent:
1) With a driver – you can start at Dushanbe or any border.
2) Without driver – you can rent a car in Bishkek and make a round trip.
We are pleased to announce that you can rent any car of your choice and drive to the most popular places in Tajikistan with a driver or without a driver. 

Car rent without driver in Tajikistan

As an example: you can start from Kyrgyzstan, visit the most popular places, then go to Tajikistan through Guliston border checkpoint and see Fann and Pamir mountains. Driving along Vakhhan corridor, feeling the atmosphere and breathing the clean air will make you plunge into another world…Afterwards you can come back to Kyrgyzstan through Murgab and Kyzyl Art pass which is 4 280m!

In this way you get a chance to visit not only Tajikistan, but also enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of fabulous Kyrgyzstan.

If you are short of time, we can meet your requirements and bring the car you like to the city of Osh so you may start your travel to Tajik lands from that point. This service will cost 300 $. The price of rental services varies from the number of days, the season and also the type of car.

Our company guarantees customers transparency of the transaction and the absence of additional margins. Kindly contact us for further information! Read more about self-drive cars here: Click

Car rent with a driver in Tajikistan

One of the oldest states in the world, picturesque, hot and mysterious –Tajikistan is rapidly conquering an ever-growing stream of tourists from all over the world. In the country of mountain landscape, you will be attracted by mountaineering and hiking. But what if it concerns mountain roads that are possible only if you rent a car with a professional driver? There is a choice of a reliable car!
     - For 1-3 pax you can use a reliableToyota 4Runner car.
     - Comfortable Hyundai Starex accommodates from 1 up to 5 people. In case of big group, the number of cars can be increased according to quantity of people.

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