Car rent in China

Car rent in China


China is a well-known celestial country that attracts tourists from all over the world. Of course, everyone would like to see it with their own eyes, especially accompanied by a comfortable car.

In order to fulfill this dream, we offer a great choice of car rent in China with driver for different tastes and budget. This is a unique chance to succeed and get only a positive mood.

Car rent without driver in China

Unfortunately you can rent a car only with a driver in accordance with the rules of China. You should not worry because we have professional drivers with many years of experience! With us, your trip to China will be remembered for a long time!

The presence of a car rent provides you mobility, complete freedom of movement and choice of route. Only you decide what places to visit, how much time to spend on sightseeing and where to stay for the night. Contact us and learn more about prices!

Car rent with driver in China

When you travel in China, you get spacious, well maintained cars for any number of people:

  • 5 seats Sedan car for 1-2 pax, the car is air-conditioned and has a lot of space inside so you feel very comfortable;
  • Minivan with 7-9 seats for 3-5 pax;
  • Minibus with 15-19 seats for 6-9 pax;
  • Jinglong Bus with 22-37 seats for 10-16 pax.

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