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Car rent without driver

Many people decide to travel in Kyrgyzstan on they own. For this you can take a car for rent – I will offer several variants according to your taste and budget. Car rent in Kyrgyzstan is safe and very interesting. You can decide everyday where to drive and what to do. Take a car for rent and explore Kyrgyzstan mountains. Also you can take a car for rent to travel in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. Write me which countries you want to visit and I will send you correct route. Alos I will advise places to sleep and to eat. Let me help you to make a perfect tour!

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Unforgettable trips in Kyrgyzstan

When you come to Kyrgyzstan for the first time you don’t know what to start your tour from. So in such situation we can help and give our advice about the best car rental service in Kyrgyzstan. This is an incredible adventure that you will experience during the tour and remember your whole life. Mountains, snowy peaks, lakes and rivers will offer you tons of emotions. National parks of Kyrgyzstan own vast territories with rich flora and fauna. Tour through the high altitude passes offering amazing views will bring the calmness to your soul. Our company provide a wide range of services in touristic sphere: 

- cars for rent in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan
- professional guides and drivers
- booking accommodation
- preparing the itinerary 

Car for rent in Kyrgyzstan is the chance to get to know Kyrgyzstan’s nature beauty and rich culture. Don’t miss your opportunity!


Amazing landscapes are the thing Kyrgyzstan is famous for. 93 % of the country is all about mountains. If you love nature, off-road, adventures – we have a grand offer to you! Take our cars for rent and see this beauty with your own eyes, experience an adventurous tour with the help of our company! Kyrgyzstan is located right in the heart of Central Asia. Its relief is various: high mountains follow the vast steppes, turquoise lakes come after fabulous canyons. Here you may observe all kind of landscapes you have seen in different corners of our planet. Don’t waste your time. Get a car for rent with or without driver, with or without guide, book hotels/homestays/yurts and come with your family and friends to enjoy your tour in Kyrgyzstan!


It is customary for the Kyrgyz to be ready to receive guests at any time of the day. The house should always have a treat for them, and gifts. Hospitality of Kyrgyz people comes from heart.

Guests of our country will have the opportunity to see the development of hospitality by renting car in Kyrgyzstan. It must be admitted that Kyrgyz people are very kind as well as good hearted, so thus you will be treated well!

Perhaps this quality is one of the first distinguish among Kyrgyz people. This beautiful custom accompanies the Kyrgyz everywhere and brought the glory of one of the most hospitable peoples of the world. This is the reason to travel in Kyrgyzstan and have incredible time with nomads by the service of car rent.

The law of hospitality is the highest law of the mountains. What could be nicer if you are greeted from the road as the closest relative, if the hostess ritually breaks off a slice of homemade cake, serves a cup of tea, and the owner, having removed the komuz from the wall, plays for you a melody surprisingly in tune with nature. We think it is high time to prepare bags and come here, especially with car for rent of us!


Kyrgyzstan is the country of the most hospitable people, where food is considered the main culture. Traveling to Kyrgyzstan you will meet a wide variety of dishes. Kyrgyz just love meat! They usually use beef, lamb, horse meat and, of course, yak meat as true nomads.

Our company is ready to provide cars for rent in Kyrgyzstan where you will have an opportunity to learn more about Kyrgyz culture!

Kyrgyz also love dairy products, vegetables and fruits. It’s so healthy! That’s why they are considered to be very strong and enduring. With the help of our company you can rent a car in Kyrgyzstan and explore! The most common dishes of the Kyrgyz Republic are Beshbarmak (chopped meat, which is served with noodles, onions and strong meat broth), Pilaf (the basis of the dish is rice, carrots and meat, first fried and then cooked.), Lagman (a boiled noodle seasoned with fried and then stewed vegetables and meat), Shorpo (strong and fatty meat broth, which may contain carrots, potatoes, noodles and greens), Manty (steamed dough with meat), Samsa (baked dough, often flaky, with a variety of fillings, primarily meat), Kuurdak (fried meat with potatoes, onions and lots of spices), Dymdama (stewed vegetables in a cauldron with meat), Ashlyan-Fu (cold soup of Dungan origin made from sour-hot vegetable stock, lagman noodles and starch), Kurut (fermented milk product, in the form of small dried balls, a kind of Central Asian cheese), Chuchuk (Central Asian sausage made from horse meat), Leposhki (national Kyrgyz bread, baked in tandoor, having a flat and rounded shape), Boorsok (small pieces of yeast dough fried in oil), Kattama (bread made from yeast dough, baked in a pan with a large amount of butter or kaymak (fat sour cream), often there is kattama with onion filling.

See how rich Kyrgyz cuisine is! Their hospitality in food never changes. You are welcome to explore all of this with best provider of car rent in Kyrgyzstan!


Guests of our country will have the opportunity to drive along mountains with best cars for rent in Kyrgyzstan. Since Kyrgyzstan is famous for its celestial mountains, you can see all of them! We are sure you will love it! Travelling around Kyrgyzstan with car rent, you don’t need to worry about safe, because we have excellent service which will help you to achieve followed destinations! Almost the whole territory of Kyrgyzstan is surrounded by mountains, thus it makes the country – beautiful! Renting a car in Kyrgyzstan, you will have an idea of seeing the pristine nature of the great Tian Shan Range! Believe, you will not see it anywhere else! Valleys, gorges as well as wild animals and birds make it very attractive among travellers. We will be grateful if you visit Kyrgyzstan and have unforgettable holidays!

Mineral resources

Kyrgyzstan is rich in various types of mineral resources. After all, this is a mountainous country, which means there are many valuable resources. Each guest of our country will be interested to see it. We offer a large selection of cars for rent that will allow you to drive freely across mineral deposits. Kyrgyzstan has rich natural resources. There are deposits of more than 25 types of minerals.

In the course of a tour, you will find out gold, silver, coal, oil, marble, gas, antimony, copper, mercury, bismuth and others. All of them belong to the Kyrgyzstan treasure. With the help of car rent, you will learn more about them and even touch. Our managers are always ready to organize any tour of your wish and be on line!

Our company is ready to be your assistant and provide all car rental issues which will be useful during your travels in Kyrgyzstan


There are a lot of gorges in Kyrgyzstan where our guests can relax and take a walk through the incredible nature! To make your tour much more pleasant, we offer to rent a car in Kyrgyzstan!

Since Kyrgyzstan is a mountainous country, nature is magnificent here! We are sure you will be delighted walking through the green gorge of Ala Archa, Chunkurchak is nearby, also Belogorka where you can see the fountain and try fresh fruits and vegetables from local merchants, the Issyk Ata gorge is rich in rivers of amazing beauty, the Kegeti gorge which is one of the most popular holiday destinations for picnics and so on. You can see all of them by car rent in Kyrgyzstan. It is really worth travelling to the country of magnificent nature and to see it!

Our company will be delightful to help you choose any cars for rent according to your taste and budget!


Guests of our country can always rent a car in Kyrgyzstan and walk around the famous park as Duboviy park (lively central park with fountains, extensive lawns and an open-air sculpture museum), Panfilov park (a city memorial located near Old Square and Manas Square in Bishkek, the capital of the Kyrgyz Republic. The park bears the name of Hero of the Soviet Union and Chairman of the Military Committee of the Kyrgyz SSR Ivan Panfilov. The park was made in the shape of a star when it was built), Ata Turk park (green park full of small fountains, attractions and street food), Ala Archa National Park (located in Kyrgyzstan at a distance of 41 km from its capital on the northern slope of the Kyrgyz ridge at an altitude of 1600–4860 m. It occupies an area of 2280 ha. It starts from the high center of the Kyrgyz Ala-Too and extends north to the Ala-Archa gorge), Victory Park (dedicated to the military glory of the heroes of Batken events) and others. You are free to see these amazing parks and easily reach by car rent. So it will be fun and full of joy!

It is important to note that some parks as Ala Archa can be reached only by car. We hope that you can contact with us and we will help you to find best options of cars for rent in Kyrgyzstan.

Climate, weather and how to dress

The climatic conditions of Kyrgyzstan are determined by its geographical location. Most of the country’s territory is located in the temperate climate zone, and the southern regions are located in the subtropical climate zone. In general Kyrgyz climate is very pleasant and allows enjoying weather anytime! Every guest of our country will be provided by car rent and be safe. The average January temperature ranges from -1 C to -8 C in the valleys, and to -18-27 C in the highlands. The coldest month is January. Since winters here are very cold, it is recommend taking some warm clothes. In summer (July) in the valleys from +15 C to +27 C, in the foothills from +10 C to +24 C, and in the highlands to + 5-11 C. The air temperature on the coast of Issyk-Kul is less contrasting and moderate all year round (in winter it is about + 2 C, in the summer + 18-22 C). Summers here are rather hot and can reach up to +40 C. That’s why guests that cannot handle with hot temperature may face with troubles. Still they can spend time in mountains where there much cooler. Spring and autumn are rather cool and rainy. It is best for people who like not too much cold and hot. So we hope you will be satisfied by your travels if you rent a car in Kyrgyzstan and see all wonderful places.

Annual precipitation ranges from 180 mm in the east of the country to 600 mm in the southwestern regions. The maximum rainfall occurs in early summer and in the autumn-winter period. Moreover, by the middle of winter, the thickness of the snow cover on the western slopes of the mountains can reach up to 1 meter, and in the high mountains the snow lies all year round.

We will be glad to help you choose cars for rent in Kyrgyzstan and make your tour – memorable! 

How did the ancestors live?

The history of each country is something unique and Kyrgyzstan is not an exception and the most interesting topic for everyone is the lifestyle of their ancestors, especially yurts. To see and learn more about yurts, you can rent a car in Kyrgyzstan to reach that part of the country where you can experience it. Renting a car will help you easily get to those places where people live the lives of their ancestors. Yurts are nomads’ dwellings with a round form that is made of wood, wool. It is the best place to live due to the fact that during strong winds of the mountains it does not blow off. People of ancient times spend their live by living in the yurts, breeding the cattle and moving to another place occasionally. By renting a car you will have an opportunity to experience the life of the nomads and we will help you to achieve this task. Tourists like this choice because they can see the history in the present.

Shopping – what can I bring from Kyrgyzstan

In order to make your trip unforgettable, in addition to incredible impressions and emotions, many tourists want to take souvenirs that would remind them of this time. By using Kyrgyzstan cars rent you can reach any remote and secret places of the country. The best part of the tour is to visit interesting and important sites. We are pleased to present you a car rent service that will help you visit as many shops as possible, where you can buy souvenirs. The most popular souvenirs are national cap – kalpak, the yurt and all of the other signs of the culture of the people. You can explore new territory with the help of car rent in Bishkek Lexus LX470. We will be glad to see you happy.

Visa-free travel

Kyrgyzstan is the country that has a visa free travel system for many countries for the unlimited period of time. Therefore, here you can travel without a visa and even rent a car for the tour.  If you decide to visit the country, name the purpose of the visit as travel and the border officers will wish you great time to be spent.  If you choose to rent a car you will get great benefits from this since you will have the opportunity to see the entire country. Our company is one of the best in the car rental market in Kyrgyzstan. Our company consists of professionals who do their job superbly, we will make your tour here breathtaking views of pristine natural landscapes.

Sea-buckthorn wilds

Issyk Kul lake is famous not only for its beautiful views, but also for its purity and sea buckthorn wilds. How is the lake cleaned up? How is this process going? These questions always pop up in mind. The unremarkable swamps on the coast and sea-buckthorn are a real, natural mechanism for purifying the water of Issyk-Kul. As one of the participants in car rent in Kyrgyzstan, you should know that you can’t cut, destroy sea-buckthorn. It is important to remember that the of sea-buckthorn wilds are a natural filter, protector of Issyk Kul lake. In your car rent tour it is important to keep clean territories, you should pay attention to nature of the country. By renting a car you will have a great opportunity to see this unsightly but important for lake-sea-buckthorn wilds.

What is known about the figure 40?

The number forty has significant meaning for the Kyrgyz people, it is a reference to the forty clans of Manas.  Due to it as a tribute the flag of Kyrgyzstan has 40 rays of the sun. As a traveler who rented the car in Kyrgyzstan you will be able to see and visit local dwellers. They will glad to tell you more facts about the state, its history and the present motives. This number is meaningful and sacred for Kyrgyz people. And forty can be found in legend – the 40 girls were drinking from the frothy water, got pregnant and later gave birth to 40 tribes. By renting a car you will be able to learn more about history from the local people, in the city and in the mountains. Our company is glad to suggest you a car rent service that will make your tour incredible.

How great winter is! Or let’s go to the mountain skiing

Kyrgyzstan is famous due to its nature especially mountains. In winter time it is started to look like admirable snowy peaks. And this mountains are open for winter activity such as mountain skiing. Our company is ready to provide a number of tours and resorts to which you can reach by renting a car in Bishkek. It is great opportunities for those who want enjoy winter activity being near nature. If you decided to rent a car in Bishkek, our company can offer a large number of cars to choose from. In winter, it is better to take warm clothes as in the mountains it will be even colder than in the city. It happens due to the altitude of the mountain, the higher the colder the temperature is going to fall. Car for rent in Bishkek is great choice for travelling.