Timur Malik’s fortress

Timur Malik’s fortress is the creation of the old times which seems to be an amazing site for modern visiting in being the member of the tour in Tajikistan. The fortress is literally the museum which depicts the entire history of Khujand. The fortress from the outside looks magnetic, rather impressive. Each trip will be as the new one for sure! In the inside there is a great amount of furniture in the style of the ancient times.

This fortress can be visited by all who travel in the country on cars for rent and wish to see the site, which is supported by the government. Due to it there is the hall, which is completely dedicated to the greatness of the president of the country. The walls of the building are made of the stones of various colors. These colors are going back to the ancient times, showing us the period of Alexander the Great. At the same time kids will surely feel great there. As there is a special boat to go down the river, with an amazing atmosphere at nights.

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