Museum of Antiquities

Our company is happy to meet you in Tajikistan and create the tour to the museum of Antiquities, located near the stop of the Rudaki Avenue. The guests are free to get there on their own, taking the trolleybus 2 to the Opera house and at the same time they are free to rent a car.

Then the way to the museum is going along the path, a little west to the Academics Rajabov Street. Having found yourself in the museum, don’t be surprised. As it is really made in the Soviet Style, with the need to pay 50 somoni for entering. But the locals pay 5 somoni. Just on entering everyone is asked to put the “shoe covers”. It is possible to take cars for rent and visit it.

From the point of view of the boarders, the museum is expensive, having just 2 floors of installations. This idea is seen in comparison with other sightseeing of the town. Anyway, the installation shown there are great, as they depict truly the history if the people. The guests are usually interested in the installation of Buddha.

The museum is located near the Alisher Navoi Park and the Rudaki Avenue with the Ayni sculpture, and near the Bukhoro Street with the Mahatma Gandhi statue. At the same time we have seen that in 1.20 km there is the Rudaki Park, in 0.92 km - Ismail Somoni monument and in 1.25 km - Flagpole of Dushanbe. All can eat in the restaurants, which location from the museum is as follows – in 0.34 km - Al Sham Restaurant, in 0.40 km – Traktir, in 0.54 km - Deli Darbar Dushanbe, in 1.44 km – Taj and in 0.65 km - Steak House. At the same time the rooms can be ordered in the hotels, which location is – 0.70 km - Hotel Serine, 0.39 km - Hotel Rochat, 1.37 km - Hotel Twins, 0.81 km - Hotel Meridian, 0.85 km -Taj Palace Hotel.

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