Karakul Lake

The Black Lake, or Karakul Lake is the biggest one in the entire Tajikistan. The guests are free to make a tour to it, passing the Pamir path of about 130km. all along the way there will be a great view of the Pamir-Alay range. The lake is located at the height of 3914m above sea level. The waters are clear, salty.

Amid the trip the boarders can travel to the lake, which seems to be at the territory of a national park. Dushanbe rent a car is one of the ways to see this great country. It is a perfect place which helps to watch the animal life. But there are no outflows of the lake, and wandering along the shores it is better to be barefoot.

The guests as they are here on cars rent call this lake as a stunning site surrounded by impressive mountains. We can conclude that this lake needs to be visited by all going from Murghab. As the lake is pristine, stunning, blue and shining. At the same time there are opportunities for hiking and trekking. There are no lots of people living here, probably it is the reason of the territory to serve this beauty and purity.

The lake has the territory of about 380 km2. The visitants can get to it by taking a way along the highway 41. Right from the lake the snow tops of the mountains can be seen, as they resemble in the clear water as well. Basically the lake is said to be fed by water melted from the glacier. For the convenience of the guests there were created special toilets, homestays and stops for having meals.

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