Arbob palace

For the better acquaintance of the country, during the tour we recommend to visit the Arbob palace. It is one of the most magnificent buildings of Tajikistan, created in 1950s. The idea was taken from the views of the winter gardens of Peterhof, St Petersburg. Both places can be seen in the trip and everyone has a choice to rent car.

The palace is said to be made for the people actually, and the entire completion of it was made in 1958. During the Soviet times it was seen to be depicting the great prestige of the country as there are columns and marble all along it.

According to the information of the visitants having seen it, there is no great interest for them as there are no notes in English. But we assure, with a highly professional guide of our company the excursion will be interesting and breath-taking. Ceilings are made in the traditional style, with the entire territory being the home for fountains and gardens in the Russian style. As they were made by the local Collective director, Urunkojaev. He managed to serve the traditions with the modern views. Actually, as you travel along the palace, it will be obvious that ceilings of the great hall are made in the Tajik style. There are different rooms made especially for certain needs – cotton creation, cattle breeding, and so on.

Being here on your own, take into account the hotels near the palace – in 6.17 km there is Khujand Deluxe Hotel, 6.45 km - Armon Apart Hotel, in 6.39 km - Khujand Grand Hotel, in 6.04 km - Parliament Palace Hotel, in 2.83 km - Firuz Hotel. All along there are the sites needed to be seen by all on rented cars, like in 6.41 km - local history Museum of archeology and fortification, in 6.98 km - Somoni park, in 6.83 km - Kamola Khujandi Park.

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