Otrar is one of the most ancient cities of Central Asia. The second name of the city is Farab. Since ancient times, it had close ties with the Great Silk Road. During your tour, you will find the ruins of the city that are located in the south of Kazakhstan near the village of Talapty. The city of Turkestan with desert and hot winds is also located there. 

Otrar is a large shopping center with majestic palaces, sacred mosques and unique architecture. One of the biggest attractions of the city was the Arystan Baba mausoleum, built by Timur. For seeing such beauty, it is worth renting car and drive along wonderful paths.  The primeval city existed for almost 2 thousand years and many people lived there. But in the XIX century, they decided to leave it because of the heat and drought. Thus, the city simply collapsed. 

To date, a lot of work is being done to preserve the monuments. An important role is played by UNESCO, which provides overwhelming assistance. During the tour, guests will be able to smell the ancient history of Kazakhstan and learn more secrets that are covered with golden sands of the earth. 

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